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About Us

IKON Business Products and Solutions is part of IKON Group founded by leading Industry Technocrats in Dec 2013, with the vision to establish a leadership in software and hardware technology space by providing innovative solutions on demand to the dynamic Indian Market.

A team comprising of varied backgrounds of Sales, Marketing, Sourcing & Operations from Industry Verticals of Manufacturing, Information Technology(IT), ITES and Printing, with a combined experience of more than 40 years is providing the leadership to this group.

IKON, thru its journey since inception, have created a Brand and Value Proposition, as a leading Products, Technology and Service Provider in the space of Information Technology, Information Display and Control, Selfservice Automation, Documents and Records Management in India, with leading names in Banking, Finance, Securities and Insurance (BFSI), Pharmaceuticals, Diagnostics, Healthcare, Large Format Retail(LFR), Manufacturing and Construction as our esteemed clients.

IKON Business Products and Solutions, as an extension of exiting business line dedicated and focused to, address the growing Indian market of Laser Cutting, CNC & UV Printing Machines for Outdoor Signage and Advertising, Point of Sale Solutions (PoS) for - Retail, Fintech & Techfin and Digital Signage & Kiosk for Indoor Signage, Information, Selfservice and Advertising.

IKON address Market Segments of Pharmaceuticals, Healthcare, Diagnostics, Departmental Retail, Mom & Pop Retail, Brick & Motor Retail, Large Format Retail, Food & Beverages (F&B), Quick Service Retail (QSR), Print Advertising Services, Outdoor Display Advertising Services and Signboard Services.

IKON operates out of, Mumbai, Pune, Delhi-NCR, Lucknow, Hyderabad, Aurangabad, Bangalore and Cochin as One Stop Shop for all your Requirements.

IKON thrives to be a leader in providing innovative and updated Products and Solutions which are Technologically Advanced with Precision Engineering, to our esteemed clients, which will enable our customers to increases efficiency and effectiveness of their core business.

IKON will be working towards helping its esteemed customers to continuously Service and seamlessly Upgrade Products, Technology and Solutions, to optimize the Return of Investments (ROI), by providing best-in-class Product and Service offering.